File A Complaint Or Compliment

The Bourbon County Sheriff's Office thoroughly and expeditiously investigates complaints against agency employees who are credibly alleged to have breached good law enforcement practices, policies and procedures, orders and instructions, or criminal law. The Sheriff, or his designee, assigned to inquire into these matters endeavor to protect the rights of those making allegations, implicated employees, and witnesses.

Public confidence in this elected office is vital to the continued accomplishment of our mission. Both perception and actuality play a vital role in maintaining public trust. As a result, this agency diligently investigates allegations of wrongdoing made against any employee of this agency.

The Bourbon County Sheriff's Office strives to maintain an open channel of communication between the citizens we serve and our deputies and support staff. A major part of this communication is constantly reassuring those with a complaint that their voice will be heard, that we listen, and if a wrong has occurred, corrective action will be taken. To do otherwise invites other law enforcement agencies or citizen groups to conduct their own inquiries and pass judgement. In our community, we are expected to police ourselves, and always act professionally.

The public needs to know that we can be relied upon to investigate ourselves, correct deficiencies, and punish violators when necessary.

Please click on the link below to print and fill out the Complaint Form.

Complaint Form