Fallen Heroes

Samuel B. McLemore, FSPD

Officer S. B. McLemore ended his watch on Saturday, January 23, 1892

Officer McLemore was shot and killed as he attempted to question two men suspected of being involved in a train robbery earlier in the morning.

A telegram had been sent to the Fort Scott train station notifying Officer McLemore that the suspects were likely headed to the city on a freight train.  Officer McLemore remained on duty after his shift had ended in order to meet the train, which was running late.

He observed two men matching the description in the telegram step from the train’s caboose and followed them into the depot.  The two men sat for a moment and then got up and walked out of the depot, with Officer McLemore and a ticket agent following them.  When the officer called out for them to stop, one of the men suddenly turned and opened fire, striking him once in the head.

Officer McLemore had served on the Fort Scott Police Department for several years.   He was survived by his wife and two children.   He is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery.